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About Us

The Wealth of Nature Podcast was created in 2018, as part of Georgetown's School of Foreign Service Centennial Fellowship Program. Now, it exists within the Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) Department at Georgetown.


It recorded its first episode on October 29, 2018, with Cathy Novelli on the Georgetown University campus.


The Wealth of Nature emerged from the patronage of Cathy Novelli and her Centennial Junior Fellows Gary Xie (SFS'19) and Ben Henderson (MSFS'20), as well as Dana Fager (MSFS'19) and Abigail Cawley (SFS'20). 

Today it is managed by Cecilia Young (MSFS'21), Elizabeth Marcinkowski (SFS'21), and Pomaika'i Canaday (COL '21). 


The Wealth of Nature Podcast is unique in its approach.

We are the first Environmental-Focused podcast at Georgetown and the only on the market with an emphasis on business' role in conservation and combatting climate change"


The podcast focuses on profit-driven solutions to environmental challenges. 

It highlights industry leaders and entrepreneurs with financially-sustainable methods for conservation.

We believe that there is no trade-off between environmental conservation and economic development.


We embark on a journey to talk to the brightest minds in Washington, D.C., and beyond to search for the nexus between business and the environment. 


Interested? Click the box below to listen or the links below to get updates on new episodes! 

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